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The Functional Jumpsuit.

The functionality of jumpsuits has been called into question of late, which I will now unequivocally refute.

The beauty you see is that you are wearing one piece of clothing. What could be more functional than that. One entire outfit…. The closest thing to it would be a dress – but we all know there is no competition between the functionality of a jumpsuit and the functionality of a dress.

We all know that right?

FreemanRunning in dress

The Inventor of Jumpsuit Ruling.

I came across the beauty while in search of my own new beauty and by new beauty you know I mean a new jumpsuit.

Putt yours hands on your hips when I toot, you toot, we toot and then we all jumpsuit. Apparently I didn’t invent ruling jumpsuits. Janet Leigh did in 1950. Here she is below. Please don’t ask me who Janet Leigh is.


Where have all the Jumpsuits gone?

Its been tough the last couple of years, what with every single person and their mother wearing a one piece JS like it’s no big deal. Its been tough because I am worried they are not what they used to mean to me….  Wait. Stop. What am I talking about. Jumpsuits are amazing and while I was trying to lay low while the trend past, I have given up.

Celebrate the jumpsuit. CELEBRATE THE JUMPSUIT. Even when camping.

IMG_3251 2

Majka Jumpsuit

Well what to say, where to begin….. First an introduction perhaps….. Childbirth something to be described as nothing short of spectacular, has happened to your very own jumpsuit novelist. Yes that’s right, just when you thought the life of a jumpsuit wearer had calmed…Out pops Majka. Her first words? You guessed it. Jumpsuit for life.

Here you see Majka at 6 weeks. Walking in a jumpsuit. Unbelievable.

So Cal Jumpsuit

Much to my delight the two heathers in my life both don one piece outfits last night…..
That rhymes.

America Fair Jumpsuit

When you go to an event where the bacon is chocolate covered and the sundae’s are full of beef… you should wear a jumpsuit. This girl did and she was stoked.

Wolf Shred Jumpsuit

Interview with a Wolf

Edith: Today we’re speaking with a wolf on the program. Thanks for being with me.

Wolf: It’s my pleasure.

E: So, what are some things that people might not know about wolves?

W: We love to have a good time.

E: Are you aware that some people hunt wolves from the air?

W: What?

E: Some people hunt wolves from their airplanes and helicopters. They follow you in the air until it’s easy to shoot you.

W: What are you talking about?

The rest of this interview is bit strange, but we get the point. You shouldn’t shoot wolves!Especially when they are just trying to shred and get real in a jumpsuit.

Paging Doctor Jumpsuit

What’s up doc? You don’t have to go to medical school to understand that jumpsuits make you look and feel good.

And when you feel good, you put your hands in the air and wave them like you just don’t care.
Also related to feeling good is tying napkins over your face.