Tofino x 4

Tofino means a lot of things to our family. It’s our go-to vacation spot. My spiritual hub. Majka’s “beach”.  The place we go as a family and everyone has fun. Also and very importantly, it is the place where my Australian husband can get his much needed surfing fix while we are living in Canada. Its part of the deal – while we live in Canada we go to Tofino often.

We had perfected this holiday as a trio: me, Marty and Majka. But that’s parenting. Once you get one thing figured out – you need to be working on the next challenge.

The Tofino Trio

For us that next challenge comes in the shape of a little baby boy. Our jumpsuit wearing – Taj – now 6 weeks old has made our trio a traveling four.

The Taj.

To summarize the highs of our recent trip as a four:

– Taj slept the three hour journey from the ferry to the Cox Bay Resort.

– I surfed 3 times. I felt like a liberated woman!

– We were complimented while eating at the Shelter on how well behaved our children were. THAT HAS NEVER HAPPENED.

To summarize the lows:

– Majka bit Taj

– We can confirm Majka is “high spirited” otherwise known as “crazy”

– We all shared a room and I was so worried Taj would wake up Majka (which he didn’t) I slept with one ear open to monitor the noise.

Lessons learnt:

– Stay in a place with built in laundry facilities. Babies poo a lot.

– Stay in a place that allows you to pass off surfing – as close to the surf spot as possible

– Just go to sleep – deal with the catastrophe when it happens.

Overall – major – major success.

And then there were four.