Old moves to new sounds.

“Don’t get rid of your monkey, shine your monkey mind, get it working for you”…… MC Yogi low and methodic voice is heard through the microphone as DJ Drez, slowly begins to add the beat…before you know it Beastie Boy’s Brass Monkey hits the speakers.


This isn’t yoga as you know it, but my goodness it is good.

People’s hips shake in down dog. You have never seen warrior two’s so strong. You have never felt so connected and in the moment.

MC Yogi, takes opportunities to rap throughout the practice, and for such a modern take on such an ancient tradition, the connection seems seamless, like yoga has always been done to hip hop.

I was fortunate enough to take this class with my 10 month-old daughter. The vibe of the class was fun, loving and open. Perfect for a yogi momma and her yogi babe.

I feel like this type of yoga is the future, which seemed fitting to be sharing this with someone that is the future, my little girl.

As I practiced another mom parked her stroller next to her mat and joined the class as her little boy slept.

The feeling was completely surreal as we practiced in the beautiful setting of Whistler, we are beautiful children to the equally beautiful sounds of the Beastie Boys. What a moment. What a festival!