Fire and Ice with Megan Currie and Ryan Lier.

The first word that comes to mind when trying to describe this class is “wow”. To begin yoga with dancing to Michael Jackson? What?

But this is what sets the tone for what soon becomes an experience of total and complete opening, letting go and expanding into creative energy.

Ryan Lier, bringing the Ice.

It is hot in the room, I am sweating….profusely. I feel challenged and empowered at the same time. Suddenly, Ryan asks everyone to jump up and find someone else’s mat.

“We are in this room together,” he says. “Take a moment to thank the person who’s mat you are standing on.”

We go back to our mats with a feeling of gratitude. And the class resumes.

Ryan and Megan tag-team-teach between each other, as the practice moves from fire to cooling asana series. Their contrasting styles bring calmness then excitement to the class. Megan bringing fire, while Ryan brings ice.

Spontaneously we are asked to yell out the name of someone you love. I scream my daughter’s name, while everyone around me shouts out loved ones

The experience is nothing but joyous. One of the most exceptional classes I have ever had the pleasure of being apart of. It made me so grateful to be alive and practicing yoga with such a great room of people.

What a way to start my last day of Wanderlust.