The Dry Jumpsuit

I like my life. In fact I love my life. I am not sure what I did to deserve the people I have around me and the amazing things I get to do. But sometimes and particulary lately, this jumpsuit wants a different perspective. A 180 if you will…. or 540 depending on how you role.
Hence the dry jumpsuit. The dry jumpsuit will be dry for 100 days. Yes 100. No big deal. I am on day 4. So far nothing wet happening.

To understand me, you will need to understand jumpsuits … read on.

Jumpsuits: a form fitting garmet which covers the whole body…. originally used for parachuters and skydivers, these works of art (that you can wear) are also designed for optimum levels of fun.

Skiers wear insulated jumpsuits to protect them from the cold, especially when tumbiling or falling. Otherwise known as hitting rock bottom.

Astronaunts wear jumpsuits in situations where other types of clothing can flap in zero gravity situations and high g maneuvers. Welcome to my Friday nights.

Wish me luck (in life).



  1. Luci

    I'm your first and number one fan, this is totes awesome, i love this, where can I sign up? when will the wet jump suit come? i wanna see it!